Letter (2024-03-28)

Subject:  90,000+ Canadians want OUT of the UN / WHO e-petition 4623

Withdraw Canada from the UN/WHO, etc. immediately!

90,000+ Canadians, through e-petition 4623, explicitly requested that you as an MP expedite Canada’s immediate withdrawal from the United Nations (UN) and all of its subsidiary organizations, including the World Health Organization (WHO). That request has not changed.


E-petition 4623 is part of a massive international movement, which includes the “Disengaging Entirely From the United Nations Debacle Act of 2023” (H.R. 6645 and S. 3428), currently before the US Congress. Facilitating Canada’s exit from the UN demonstrates leadership, restoring Canada’s commitment to its people rather than to Globalist interests.

Withdrawing from the UN/WHO, etc., is Canada’s only protection from the ravages of Agenda 2030, One Health, Pact For The Future, and the destructive impact of the tyrannical International Health Regulations and “Pandemic Treaty.” Despite extensive and intensive misleading propaganda to the contrary, national sovereignty, personal autonomy, and societal cohesion are all deeply undermined by the programs, regulations and treaties of the UN and its associated entities.

Simply put, continuing membership in the UN means acquiescence to the destruction of Canada. Careful examination of the profound and unwelcome changes imposed by Agenda 2030 on Canadian life, experience, opportunity, and rights makes it clear that this program, like every other UN-related program, is antithetical to our laws, culture, well being, values and prosperity. These UN programs transfer all meaningful decision making, control, and autonomy to distant, unelected, self appointed, unaccountable foreign masters. 

Your constituents have entrusted you with the responsibility of protecting their lives and fortunes rather than allowing their destruction. It is incumbent upon you as a Canadian to exert your utmost effort to protect Canada at this critical time in its history by orchestrating our immediate withdrawal from the UN and all associated organizations, alliances and obligations. 

The goals and actions of the UN/WHO, etc., are diametrically opposed to the national interests and values of Canadians as articulated in e-petition 4623. 

As my elected representative you have the privilege to protect Canada’s existence as a free and proud nation by preventing the globalist degradation of every aspect of Canadian life. I look forward to your immediate action and substantive response to my urgent concerns.