Breaking Barriers

Getting over the "TRUST THE EXPERTS" barrier

PRE- 2017 Mindset

Why is it so hard to convince others that Canada should pull out of the WHO?

Because most people still have a pre-2017 image of the WHO, of the good that it did, etc.                      

Most people are unaware of how the problem of "non-state actors" exerting undue influence on the WHO as gotten exponentially worse since then.

Since 2017, the role of "non state actors" people who donate to the WHO and expect their agendas to be pushed, had become increasingly powerful. Just this year 217 such "not state actors" appear to have had open and informal access to WHO officials. Just think - IF THIS MANY BIG OIL PLAYERS had access to decision makers AHEAD of the government reps... would you be happy?

A Slide Show about Getting Information, Taking Action and Sharing Information

The full slide show can be downloaded here. Only excerpts are posted below.                                             (Apologies for the formatting flaws, a new version to be redone and posted soon.)

                          Source: US Bioweapon expert Dr. Meryl Nass. Presentation given in Rome, Italy, April 19, 2024 


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