Once the current World Health Assembly has wrapped up, we will most likely have many more reasons to write

The unelected officials and "regular employees"  in globe-circling institutions themselves often are not seeing/hearing/understanding the implications of the private/public partnership approach to health care governance. 

All citizens can LEARN, ACT and SHARE in the their circles of influence and beyond - when given the needed information to see the big picture.

Stay tuned!

Letter to  Members of the Social Affairs, Science and Technology Committee                   re: Bill C-293 on Pandemic Preparedness

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(PROVINCIAL/TERRITORIAL Senators - reflecting where the letter writers lives. Names/emails can be found here https://sencanada.ca/en/senators/)

AND Members of the Social Affairs, Science and Technology Committee:

Chair: Ratna Omidvar ON Ratna.Omidvar@sen.parl.gc.ca                                                               Deputy Chair: Jane Cordy NS jane.cordy@sen.parl.gc.ca                                                       Wanda Thomas Bernard NS WandaThomas.Bernard@sen.parl.gc.ca                                 Patrick Brazeau QB Patrick.Brazeau@sen.parl.gc.ca                                                               Sharon Burey ON sharon.Burey@sen.parl.gc.ca                                                                             René Cormier NB Rene.Cormier@sen.parl.gc.ca                                                                          Donna Dasko ON Donna.Dasko@sen.parl.gc.ca                                                                      Frances Lankin ON frances.Lankin@sen.parl.gc.ca                                                             Rosemary Moodie ON Rosemary.Moodie@sen.parl.gc.ca                                                   Flordeliz (Gigi) Osler MB flordeliz.Osler@sen.parl.gc.ca                                                         Chantal Petitclerc QB Chantal.Petitclerc@sen.parl.gc.ca                                                          Judith G. Seidman QB judith.seidman@sen.parl.gc.ca

AND Sponsor of the Pandemic Day Act (formerly Bill S-209)                                        Marie-Françoise Mégie QB marie-francoise.megie@sen.parl.gc.ca 

Honourable Senators,

As an Albertan, I am writing my four Alberta Senators to represent me as you move ahead in the discussions around Bill C-293, which just passed First Reading in the Senate. And as a concerned citizen of Canada, I am also addressing the members of the Social Affairs, Science and Technology Committee of the Senate as I suspect it will be your committee that will be tasked with giving this Bill a closer examination.

Firstly, thank you all for serving in Canada’s Senate as the much needed body of “sober, second thought.” Secondly, please know that I am duly impressed by the scope and depth of all of your life experiences. I realize that many of you come with extensive medical backgrounds, as well as insights into many other aspects of society and for that I am grateful.

I am attaching a brief article which illustrates our current situation - MPs who relied solely upon the “mainstream, WHOcentered” voice and its predictable “solution”, i.e. getting more mRNA products/vaccines ready for whatever is predicted to come next. MPs who were unaware that science continues to evolve, and to point AWAY from the corporate-driven “solutions” they hinted at in their bill.

Suffice it to say that we all as Canadians have suffered greatly since our mainstream (i.e. government funded and corporate backed) media failed in its mandate to ensure that they present the public with a wide spectrum of views and insights on matters of great public importance. The greatest tragedy of our time has been and continues to be the active censoring out of medical and scientific professionals on the topic of COVID-19 prevention and response measures. This was done to pave the way for clear passage of one solution only - that of widespread sale of current (and future) products built using the quick and easy mRNA platform by BigPharma.

Anyone who takes a look at mainstream COVID-related reporting over these past few years with an eye to the codes of ethics that are supposed to govern Canada’s journalists and broadcasters will note the failure of our mainstream media to inform and educate the population - which includes the MPs as well as yourselves. (Please see the most relevant ethics codes here: https://canadianshareablenews.substack.com/p/are-our-canadian-media-living-up.) Instead, our broadcasters have partnered with the social media corporations that invest heavily in both vaccine and weapons technology. Broadcasters, like the CBC, and are trusting corporations running social media platforms to filter out the expert voices whose proven methods to treat COVID-19 kept a good 85% of patients out of hospital and quickly recovering at home BEFORE the COVID-19 vaccines were on the market. However, to ensure the vaccines received their emergency use authorization and were able to be sold to the buyers with the biggest pockets (our governments) any other treatments had to be eliminated. The trick: teach AI to deem any word of non-vaccine treatment as dreaded “MDM” - Misinformation, Disinformation and Malformation and eliminate those who discuss it. The resulting shadow banning, demoting, firing, removal of licence to practice, even committing to a psych ward (yes here in Canada) and overseas, even jailing of “Covid dissidents” and other “inconvenient” voices is not making its way to headlines within the mainstream and may even be a surprise to you.

As you are being told the current wording of Bill C-293 is the be-all and end-all for pandemic prevention, and as the world outside of the mainstream media bubble is becoming aware of the steps being taken toward the Decade of Pandemics (as earlier messaged by Dr. Pandemic himself, Mr. Bill Gates), I ask you to courageously look outside of the mainstream WHO-focussed media bubble. Please ask yourselves how many changes to the assumptions listed in the preamble of Bill-C293 will need to be reexamined to ensure that Canada is adequately prepared to see through corporate hype and actually implement evidence-based measures that have been proven to work without the harms engendered by our first kick at the pandemic can from 2020 to today.

It is certainly wise to have a Bill that directs government to create a Pandemic Preparedness Plan. However, the premises upon which the Bill and the proposed Pandemic Prevention Plan are predicated need rethinking to ensure they reflect current realities and evidence based findings in all of the related fields.

Allow me to highlight just a few problematic sections found at the start of the June 5, 2024 version of the document https://www.parl.ca/documentviewer/en/44-1/bill/C-293/third-reading:

I close trusting that you, my Senators, will ensure that this maxim does NOT come to pass: “Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on me.”

Thank you for your attention to these matters,

Sender’s Name                                                                                                         Sender’s Signature