Urgent: We need parliamentary debate and scrutiny 

As of:
December 4, 2023

Canadian Petition (Open: 10 OCT 2023, Closed: 7 FEB 2024): 55,026 signatures

UK Petition (Open: 18 OCT 2023, Closed: 18 APR 2024): 64,693 signatures

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Parliamentary Debate & Scrutiny are Foundational to a Strong & Free Canada

Canada’s membership in the UN and its subsidiary organizations, including the W.H.O., imposes negative consequences on Canadians that far outweigh any benefits.

Please read, sign, & widely share the petition to Exit the UN & the W.H.O.

Learn the reasons to #ExitTheWHO at www.Canadaexitwho.info 

Urgent: We need parliamentary debate and scrutiny
over WHO developed International Health Regulations

Dear fellow Canadians, 

Public debate and scrutiny is crucial in our parliamentary democracy, and foundational to living in a strong and free country. Currently, International Health Regulation (IHR) amendments are not debated in our Parliament, by default, becoming enforceable law on each of us. This will potentially result in the World Health Organization (W.H.O.)  becoming an unelected legislative authority, with power to make decisions about our way of life and our health, impacting ourselves and our national sovereignty. It is imperative that Canadians understand the implications of these amendments on their individual rights and on our nation.

Canadians have launched a second petition, sponsored by lawyer and Federal MP, Leslyn Lewis, demanding that our House of Commons act. We need more Canadians to sign this petition - the first petition was not heeded by our Parliamentarians.  Please read, sign and share it widely. 

Also found at: www.CanadianPetition.com 

Key facts:

Other concerns:

Learn more:  www.CanadaExitWHO.info

Examples of IHR amendments directly affecting our individual & national sovereignty: 

More evidence:


  • May 2022: IHR amendments published by W.H.O.  includes (Article 59) shorting time for states to reject future amendments from 18 to 6 months. These amendments come into effect Nov 2023.
  • Dec 2022: A new set of IHR amendments proposed have over 100 changes, including the change of W.H.O. status from advisory to legislative, and new mandate/funding to censor and enforce 
  • April 20, 2023:  First CDN petition (now closed) to debate the new IHR amendments. No debate happened.
  • May 27,  2023:  Proposed IHR amendments are published by W.H.O. 
  • Oct.10, 2023 : Second CDN petition to exit WHO, open till Feb 7, 2024 
  • May 2024: New set of IHR amendments will be published by W.H.O. to be enacted by November 2024, unless explicitly rejected by the W.H.O. member country.

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Contact Parliament:

Reach out to your MP to express your concerns about the absence of public parliamentary debate on both petitions.

Remember that this crucial issue  is not being debated in the Canadian Parliament, nor discussed in mainstream media. 
Canadians need to act in order to compel a public debate on this significant matter!