parliamentary scrutiny & TRANSPARENT Debate are essential  to A strong & FRee canada 

Canadian Petition (Open: 10 OCT 2023, Closed: 7 FEB 2024): 90,089  signatures

UK Petition (Open: 18 OCT 2023, Closes: 18 APR 2024): 103, 266 signatures

UK  Petition Updated on Feb 22, 2024 at 12:27 p.m. EST

Weekly Wheelbarrow Mail Campaign
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Téléchargez  ici la brochure de la « Campagne hebdomadaire de la brouette postale » (ou cliquez sur l'image). 

Key Facts: (Note: the  first three bullets are from MP Leslyn Lewis' Dec 19, 2023 letter to Minister of Health Mark Holland)

Other concerns:

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Remember that this crucial issue  is not being debated in the Canadian Parliament, nor discussed in mainstream media. 
Canadians need to act in order to compel a public debate on this significant matter!

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